Entry VIII

This entry, i will state my opinion on several things Gladwell pointed out.
For once, he said that the connectors are the people who “sell” things, and then i thought all people who have influence on others must be conectors then. This statement makes sense to me, but then i was analyzing it a little more, and realized that every person who is “selling” something, or who is talking about something that he wants people to realize, like or do, he must ve enthusiactic about. the person needs to be i love with what he is talk about in order for people to actually listen and take his word. I also realzied that more and more people can be conectors, i mean, Gladwell said, it is only gifted people who are conectors, but now i am saying that it dosnt make sense, because everyone can be a conector, with the rigth attitude and facial expressions, which is also something he mentions. that person can be a prefect conector then. My question is now, can really everybody be a conector?


Entry VII

this entry i am going to talk about the expressions people get from only the faces of the tv interviewrs. It really depens on the people bias and knowledge of the thing presented, or the subject they have to talk about, or interview.
gladwell talk about an expiriment a school did with students and vulenteers and some were only allowed to look, meaning mute screen, and from there they got one expression, or feeling. they could only see the persons facial expression, and that was then wat stayd with them after watching it.

Entry VI

I wanted to elaborate on something Gladwell touched on, he was explaining how a yawn can effect other people. And how it is contagious; in his context it is meant to show the similarities between any kind of contagious behaviour, also the salesman, mevins and so on. I however, want to talk about it in a different one.
The way people are unconciouse of what they do when they do it, BUT still do it, then a question rises, why do we do it? And what is that similar to. Meaning, what else in our lives that we have no power over.
For example, a smile, however we do have control over when to use our muscles, we are most likely to smile back at someone who is smiling at us. Like the holiness Dalai Lama mentioned, in the interview with President Obama, a smile is the greatest gift of humanity. We need to use our “good contagiouness” rather then our bad ones (an evil grown, or a depressed mind set, because that will also effect people near you.
One you open your mind to a different state, and are open minded you can allow happiness to flow within you. Once you are at a state of happiness, you will most likely be succesful, because bosses like people who are content with themselves, moreover, when you smile, you don’t seem like a threat to authorities.
They will respect you, and treat you with kindness, just like you would.

Entry V

Im at my fifth entry of this book blogging.   A few chapters ago, Gladwell talks about people, and how their ties to work affect their work ability, or work way. He presents; most people who got the job through a connection ( a friend) had a weak work tie (to the boss) and those who found the job by themselves, obvioulsy the number was lower, but they had a stronger tie to the work place and to the boss himself. I think this is a very obvious fact, because even on our day to day life we have stronger conection with people at workplaces or other places, when we are the ones making them happen. I think a big factor that plays along in this, is the fact, that we have to work hard to get to a certain place, or to be friends with someone, to astablish a friendship in general is a hard thing to do. you have to be able to trust the person and have things in comon, other wise you woudl just sit next to eachtoher and do nothing or get in an arument. What im saying here, is that when we work for somehitng tht we really want, we got it ourselves, therefore we appreciate it more. The contradiction here is, when you get the job through a friend, you dont have to work as hard to impress the boss in the meeting. you already have a bond (that mutual friend, or acquantance) BUT, this is where the bond ends. I think it is very important to build your own life, with your own job and your own friends.

Time Line


Entry IV

The Tipping Point.

Gladwels book mentions several things, one of them is, the word of mouth is in the hands of the connectors, mavens and salesperson. although, sometimes the person can be both. That of course helps in persuading the other person. When i started to get to that page, where he explains that they are really caring people and they want the best for the other person, for example, the way the maven tells the man to get a hotel room in a certain hotel and hell have to pay a certain, price. I would expect them to be people with power of persuasiveness. Just because it did not connect for me that people really listen to what he says or offers. As it turns out. They listen because he is very trust able. Everything he says is probably true. They know it is honestly that shines, because they share and trade knowledge, the ‘maven’ will listen to you if you have an offer, or a strong feeling towards something, take note of it and mention to the next person.

And people know that. therefore they do as he says, not because he persuaded them, but because he is so honest.

Moreover, he notes that these people the “mavens” have a countagiousness thing about themselves. Everything they say is somehow turned in to the next best thing.

Entry III :)

The Tipping Point so far is really easy reading material, it relates to our lives so much. I was reading the book ” the art of happiness in a troubled world” by The Dalai Lama. The reason i bring this up, is Malcom Glawdwell is mentioning so many things that people do, just because others do too, and the book explains how u need to express your own imaginagion. For example, he says at the begging of his book, that a few young kids were wearing shoes, hash puppies which later became very popular all over the USA. the so-called ‘connectors’ have a very heavy influence on every person in their reach. Because they know so many people, connectors and regular gifted people, they have access to a more variety of people, places, and things. they are open to more information. Therefore they know more.

Moreover, the connectors are not the only gifted people Gladwell mentions. Later he talks about the “mevins” which means undertsanders in yiddish. They are he people who make it a way of life to check the ever-low-prices. before going out to the market they already know what they want to buy and how expensive it will be. Moreover, the person who was intervied, also mentions a very interesting fact, that is, some places try to trick you; they sell a certain product listed on sale, however the price is the same. they know that if people see the “sale section” they are more likely to buy from there just because it is support to be less expensive. We obviously know that they can’t do this for very long. and if they do, they will get caught and even lose some of their most precious consumers.